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Pictures have a way of evoking emotion, showing people who they are and how they felt. Your photos will be so much more than beautiful images. They will tell the story of two people on their day one, being together, breathing together. Life has a tendency to become coated with the mundane daily routines that we can easily lose sight of what "this" all is. We CRAVE connection and emotion. When we use our cameras as our tools for expression,  we remind ourselves of what life truly consists of. We strive to turn disappearing intangible moments into tangible family heirlooms with emotional depth. We allow ourselves to feel moments that at the time may seem ordinary, but twenty five years from now will bring you back to that exact moment. The color of the room you were getting ready in and the way the sun shined in, the scent of your grandmother's perfume that has brought you comfort since you were little, even the feeling of your heart pounding and stomach fluttering just moments before you were about to say "I do." We hold these beliefs in our minds and hearts throughout your wedding day and keep them close with each moment we choose to preserve.

Like blue jeans, apple pie, and Saturday morning cartoons, we are the real deal.





We believe in quiet moments filled with anticipation, while the excitement of the day grows stronger every minute.


We believe in embracing your emotions and expressing them without reservation.


We believe in celebratory moments, surrounding yourselves with the ones you love.


We believe in capturing authentic moments, as they unfold organically, that tell the story of your day one.

Mary-Kate and Paul

Of all the decisions my husband and I made for our wedding- hiring Zac and Liz was without a doubt the best, most key choice we made. They were absolute life savers on our wedding day, not only ensuring that our pictures came out PERFECT (candid and natural shots capturing every aspect of our wedding day all in flawless lighting and color) but also going so far above and beyond to make sure every second of the day went smoothly And did I mention the pictures all came out amaaazinggg??!We could not be more happy that we hired Evergreen Weddings. Zac and Liz are so sweet, passionate, detail oriented and personable. They made every step of our wedding prep and wedding day super smooth and fun and I honestly believe without them the whole day would have been a flop. We love you guys!

Amanda and Brian

Zac + Liz, you made us feel so comfortable behind the camera, we felt like we were just hanging with friends. Because of that, your photographs were able to capture our personalities. From start to finish you were professional while still being fun, organized (lovedddd all the emails/check ins/ phone calls), You guys are personable, and beyond talented. Thank You!!


Out of all the important decisions leading up to our wedding day, choosing Zac + Liz as our photographers was by far our best investment. Throughout the night they always made sure we were okay and asked if we needed anything. There’s a lot of good photographers out there, but there are not many that are amazing photographers AND such genuine kind people that truly care about their clients. Zac and Liz... we absolutely adore you both and will forever be grateful that our paths have crossed. You are forever etched on our hearts!

Sara and Dustin

We are so happy we chose to work with you! You guys made us feel comfortable every step of the way. You are so fun and down to earth and the quality is impeccable! Truly the best! 

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