jessica + Shane

We are like wine and cheese. Each is great, but they’re better together.  

Hey! We're Shane and Jessica Masters: a husband and wife photography team and professional hopeless romantics (also the name of our coffee table book j/k). Yes, we live and work together. Hallmark movies have nothing on us. When we are not plotting our next travel adventure extraordinaire, you can find us on the water paddle boarding, staring longingly into one another’s eyes, and/or eating all the tacos. Luna, our golden retriever and resident queen of the household, requires long walks and tons of snuggles which we oblige begrudgingly – we kid.  

We gather inspiration from our travels and from our favorite music. The sounds of Leon Bridges and The Teskey Brothers mixed with a bottle of wine gives us all the good vibes. 



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Seven short years ago we met… Kissed by fate, Jessica was working as a wedding planner and Shane as a bartender in the very same event venue! We each went to pretty crazy lengths just to work a shift together and the rest is (our) history. October 2019 we requested the honor of a small group of family to celebrate our union… We love weddings so much we decided to have one… and also because we really dig each other. 

Shane loves Jessica. Jessica loves Shane. Shane and Jessica love Luna. We all love love. We find beauty in the simple things. A clean sink when the other gets home from a long day or taking the dog out when its not their turn. We found each other through the wedding industry and for that, we will always be inspired by the promise and commitment it brings to our couples. We’re in the business of capturing the emotions and bottling them in a photo.




We are also a proud mama and papa bear to our crazy cairn terrier- poodle mix, Oliver! He looks like Toto- but curly! 

little ones we adore


We love our darling little coloni-cape. (Hybrid between a colonial and a cape) with our red front door!

years we've lived in our charming new england fixer upper


We start the day with a good ol' fashioned pot of french roast with almond milk. Then it's a vanilla latte for Liz and an iced mocha for Zac for the afternoon pick me up.

cups of coffee we drink
a day


He set up his phone to record the whole thoughtful proposal...then forgot to press record. It's the perfect memory for only the two of us to remember!

years we were together before Zac proposed


All around New England and back to Connecticut again! Boston will always have a piece of our hearts!

times we've moved together


Yankee Candle's Christmas Cookie is acceptable to burn year round....right?

number of candles we have in the house at all times 


Comedy is our comfort food. From Aziz Ansari to Brian Reagan we've seen some pretty incredible shows!

times we've seen stand up comedians


2019 is our five year wedding anniversary and 10 years together anniversary!

years we've been together


It's our feel good, go-to show. We wish Michael Scott could have attended our wedding. 


We love nothing more than getting the chance to connect face-to-face. So if we are able, let's get together for some good ol' fashioned fun & if we are too far apart, let's let the interwebs connect us. 

lets connect


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